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Default Re: "Red Bull" flavored shisha

Originally Posted by ************* View Post
me too, just ok, and i really like the drink too. and just for the sake of thread jacking, i have discovered another energy drink Xyience, they claim no sugar, but all of the flavors, unlike red bull being copied to hookah, Xyience seems to copy hookah flavors: Big Apple, Cherry Lime, Blu Pom, Mango Guava and more.
Yes, i drink Xyience, its pretty good stuff, except they flavor their apple with spinach extract which sounds weird, but it completely works. From a medical standpoint these energy drinks arent too bad for you. While they dont truley contain "no sugar", its still significantly lower than almost any other energy drink. But back on track....My local hookah lounge make their own red bull flavor and they put a red bull in the base for you too, but i have not had it yet, i should go sometime and buy a 50g of it from them.
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