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Default Re: Traditional Smoke

Originally Posted by necco View Post
I have a recent package of Salloum I ordered that I haven't really smoked yet. Do you think that running it as it is under hot water would be enough or should I go your route and add honey and gylcerine to it? I don't want to fuck it up with my ignorance.
NO NO NO! Do not soak it in water!

1) Go to a sink and let the water run over your hands and leave the water on.

2) Break off a chunk of the moassel and seperate each bit with your hands and wash them periodically to make it easier.

3) Re-condition by mixing in the molasses and glycerin as mentioned else where in the thread.

FBD, I am glad that I can help hook up up with some good stuff and it's great that my tips help some one out. Thing is that I know a lot of people that know so much more then I do about narghile stuff I just wish that I could talk them into joining HP.
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