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Default Re: Tamseh Tri-Metal Hookah

Originally Posted by abu ronin View Post
Alot of companies ''buy-out'' their components. Purge valves, hose ports, ect. But lets not gloss over the fact that this is nothing more than a KM copy. Simple as that. Having said that, I'm sure it smokes as well as a KM and may or may not be as well made but lets call a spade a spade here.
Again, like my post above, why would you discriminate against this hookah since it's not a km? I still love my KM's and I have several, I haven't snagged a Temsah yet, what I tried to do was expose some of the better quality hookahs out of Egypt. We all know KM and MZ as hookah household names. There are other out there in Egypt but most of what I have seen has been sub par, basically the "no name" Egyptian. The Temsah is of equal caliber to the KM and since I'm a vendor I won't assert it but have Sambooka, Photolinger or any of the other Temsah owners here chime in.
btw, I still love KM's
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