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Default Re: First KM HELP !!

Originally Posted by reality- View Post
do NOT get this KM football.. i got it... but the crappy site sent me the other one "the jewel" .. basically the same hookah but it is supposed to be brass just on the "jewel" and not all the way like the football..
BUT.. this hookah is PURE crap!! It weighs like 100 grams.. Its like a plastic toy compared to a real hookah.. Its jsut soo lame I promise you man.. this "jewel" is not brass noir is anything else on that hookah.. its like painted rustcolour on the stem.. It looks sooo ugly!
The only thing worth in that package is the hose that is reaaalllyy the nice.. nicest Ive ever seen..
But the hookah itself is just a plain joke man.. It is KM but I promise you man.. you will not take this hookah seriously.. it jsut looks like a plastic toy for children.. it has no quaility feeling of it whatsoever.. Get some other model!! and dont even get it from this shitsite.. They never reply emails ( yes they do except it takes many days and sometimes they dopnt reply at all )..i got huge problems ordering from these monkeys.. and then on the top.. I just saw the other day that they sent me the wrong hookah.. i wanted football they sent me the jewel..
so I emailed them and Ill probably get answer in at least 5 days...

they most have worked alot on those pictures of the hookahs cus they do NOT look near this nice in real life..
OP listen to this man....

I have the second km and can personally vouch that its a great hookah

ANd brass cored which is a plus and has a good amount of weight
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