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Originally Posted by FarBeyondDriven View Post
Yes and No and I'll tell you why I say this. With a hookah that is 26" or larger, the smoke has more time to cool before seeping through the hose and into your mouth. Lots of people get the misconception that the larger the hookah, the more your smoke density will increase. This is entirely FALSE! With an 11" Mya Bambino, I have gotten more smoke than my Khalil Mamoun or two Nour Syrians have ever gotten. The larger the hookah, the more time the smoke has to cool. That's about the only thing I can think of to tell you bro. I hope this helps.


- Mohamed

Thanks man for replying, this really got me looking at hookahs differently, because I was thinking of getting a Nour 24" as my next hookah but I might go for the 28"
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