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Originally Posted by chadtizzle View Post
i tend to get a light ashy taste if i don't blow the ash off the bowl every time i knock the ash off my coals.

usually at the 45 minute mark you need to take off heat. that could be it. is it burning or does it just taste bad?

edit: maybe the ash is falling down the hole (phunnel bowl) or holes (vortex/standard clay) and it's getting into the water, cauing it to taste like shit.
It isnt burning, it just tastes like crap.
And the water has usually quite alot of ash in it.
So yeah, that could be the prob.
And i blow the ash of the bowl when i ash the coals.

Btw, im pushing the needle straight to the bottom of the bowl while i make the holes.
But now, any suggestion how to not get the water ashed ?
Make the holes further away from the center hole of my the phunnel ?

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