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Default Re: Single coil burner

Originally Posted by SmokeyMcHookah View Post
ok,I'll try to find that stove tommorow. thanks for the help.
do you think that stove will be easy to light up natural coals?
ya a stove like that will work fine, i would probably keep the flame lower on it though. i found heating a coal to fast (like with a blow torch) you can get it looking like it is lit (fully ashed) but it will still be un cooked inside and give bad taste. so i think as long as you dont turn the stove up balls to the wall you shouldnt have that issue (you might even be able to turn it up all the way, just will have to play with it when you get a stove)

you might have to make a little grill for them to sit on depending what type of stove you can find

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