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why hansn't anybody mention a scalli mod yet? Its the obvious best solution ? doesnt have to be a scalli mod, there are some homemade stuff u can make as well Im sure..
it will first of all make the fouil not get sucked down and causing airtflow to be bad sometimes.. also preventing coals from moving ( mine never move ) and also no ash in water, and also using less shisha but getting the exact same results, and also gives alittle more space between coal and shisha which is always good, and not to forget the theory ( might be right might be wrong ) about the heat forcing to travel through the shisha instead of just directly into the stem... Some say this is important some say not.. To be honest I would not smoke whitout a scalli mod cause I feel there is no reason to skip it..
So I cant even compare with/without mod but with mod is excellent at least i can tell u that!
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