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Default Re: First KM HELP !!

WHat !?? You have the football and your telling me it has alot of weight? and the jewel should be even "better" ? How did they mean with better...? quality? like more weight ??
Cus as I said I ordered the football but got the jewel-- and the jewel is a f*cking piece of shit Im thinking of just selling away for a few bucks to a friend..
and yes as you say they call them selves a professional buisness .. which is a very good joke I actually would laugh about if I didnt hated them for sending me this bullsh*t .. So now Im not laughing Im just mad..
If they would have a phonenumber anywhere I could call them up and ask them whatsup but nonono.. they have a MAIL which they answer whenever they want to and Im telling you its not often..
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