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Default Re: How can you smoke a hookah without sipping on Turkish coffee?

Guess what? 10 minutes ago I made Turkish coffee, drank it, and this is the FIRST post I see. I was just about to light up my coals so I won't be drinking Turkish and smoking this time. Mind you, I would never drink Turkish cofee while smoking fruit flavoured shisha. Mint, chocolate, coffee flavoured and my bowl (soon) of Nakhla Zagloul non-flavoured tobacco would be hot.
I'm gonna fess up. I drank "mud" . That's what we call Turkish coffee which is mixed in a glass of boiling water. Its great, but not as fine as the slow cooking of it in a Finjan ***. I didn't have any pots around though 2 weeks ago I bought a 5 kilo gas balloon to make coffee on and for my coals.
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