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Default The Great Outdoor Session

As you probably aware im from the UK and im sure everyone knows about the shit weather but yestersay was a really nice sunny day so decided to have a smoke outside. Took a friend, my Nour Syrian and a windcover with me to a park, we got beutiful parks in my area.

Ive got a Mya with a carry case and a Mya Acrylic but this was my first time so i wanted to do it in style so i took my Nour Syrian. Im normally a Nakhla guy but i happened to have som old school AF double apple. From the first pull i realised how much iforgot how good old school AF DA was, the flavour, the smoke was sick.

If you've never smoked outside i would definitely reccommend especially if you got some good scenery to look out. Its alot more relaxing than smoking indoors and you can't beat the ventalation.
Although Nakhla beats AF hands down, NOTHING BEATS OLD SCHOOL AF DA. Ive got some new AF DA aswell need to test it to see if its still as good as the old one.

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