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CH nats ash verymuch if I remember right.. but the QL are really solid even after they're done.. its like exoticas..

Matt: Flavours do not cross over because you have som burnt molasses left on the scalli mod .. noir in the bowl.. I promise you man.. theres no way... and Im not talking about big chunks of tobacco left on the scalli.. Im just talking about like a bit of molasses that has burnt on the mod making it black u know.. like water does the same thing if you get water on the stove and it goe near heat, it will burn and become black spots but that does not change taste of anything..
But molasses going through the bowl and down the stem will probably yes!

but comeon cleaning the bowl and mods fanatically everytime after smoke.. thats some overtime unnecessary stuff... its like cleaning the underside of your shoes each time you have been out walking or going out again..
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