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Default Re: small and portable hookah

i have a mya mini acrylic that i got NIB from ebay for 25.60 shipped (iirc) in oct. its a great little rig under 20 inches in fact it is my daily smoker because it is so much east to wash, smokes great, and is easy as crap to transport if you keep the cardboard "Travel box" it comes in. it is a bit bigger than the bambino/QTs but probably no less transportable

only down side of it is that with my mod bowl i have to use a little wire spacer i made to push the grommet up a touch so that it doesnt have a leak but its no biggie. and if any one needs one of these or needs help on making one let me know i will even make one for who ever and sent it out for like a buck to cover shipping and the wire

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