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Default Re: For my first this good?

Originally Posted by ZenSilk
Basically the main problem i have with KM is their downstem construction. i'm just gonna say it, it's so shoddy!

Its a crappy metal, that cannot by any means be considered "Stainless". They are almost ALWAYS bent or dented from shipping. There are many cases of jagged jutting metal pieces inside the downstem itself that propose an injury hazard (from experience...). They rust in a heartbeat.

If the downstems were made of Brass, i would love KM's.
Well I am going to TOTALLY disagree with your statements! I had two Khalil Mamouns and still have my KM Amer. I absolutely LOVE it! My goto hookah!

The inner stem core is completely brass, with no jagged edges whatsoever on the stem. The outter shaft is not rusted? I am not sure of the material but I have seen no signs of aging? I use it all the time, like I said it is my goto hookah.

My shaft is not bent or dented due to shipping, however it definitely does have a slight lean to it, which I believe comes from the "hand blown vase/base" Everything about the KM hookahs is handmade.

If I had to buy only one hookah, it would most definitely be a Khalil Mamoun! They ROCK, they are solid, nice to look at, well built, handmade, smoke amazingly and are VERY affordable! you can get a KM large from Pimp Your Hookah, with a discount for $51 that is an amazing deal in my opinion!

I am looking for a new hookah, multi hose, and if I didn't already have a KM I would be looking at those. But since I already have one and had two I am looking at some others to compare to some of the higher end hookahs.

Save yourself some money and save yourself some headache and get yourself a Khalil Mamoun, especially as a first hookah! Magdy Zidan gets a big honorable mention as well ...
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