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Default Re: warning for KM ultimate Hose!

Someone elses Km ultimate hose

posted by BookWorm on another site
The KM ultimate hose, as many of you know, is one of the best pulling and best feeling hoses that one can obtain. However, I've recent;y been having problems with my KMU, where the "handle" near the base was sagging and crimping, causing MAJOR airflow restriction. The problem compounded quickly, and the hose soon became unusable, so I decided to cut the problem handle off.

My first impression was that the handle was made of cardboard, however, I found out that it was made of ROLLED UP SCRAP PAPER. Sea turtles, starfish, random advertisements were rolled up together to make one of the "best" hoses around! On top of that, the hose handle, more than 24 hours after disassembly was still moist, which means that for a regular user, their hose is likely continuously damp and therefore degrading.

Inside, the hose was in fact made of some VERY thin leather, lined with something that looks like gold mylar and a metal spring.

Overall, I am VERY disappointed with this hose, and will NOT be purchasing another, despite how nicely it smoked. At this point I may even become a third HF member to produce their own line of hoses, simply to make a well handled hose that's got a handle that won't fall apart. I may reuse the hose in the construction of prototypes, but that was the best part of the hose by far.
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