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Default Re: Dose HH Black Label Have any tobbaco?

Originally Posted by SmokeyMcHookah View Post
dude relax

i didn't ment to say that it doesn't contain sugar cane. but if you take a closer look at a soex package you see ingredients and then Urgarsay anecay agassebay, which is sugar cane. hydro doesn't have this on their package
I see I shall have to take this point by point...

A) Not a dude.
B) Not pissed/ angry/ or anything other than relaxed and enjoying some hookah.
C) I was simply mentioning that I could not find the ingredients list anywhere, and that there are several companies that do contain sugar cane who call their products "herbal".
D) What's with the pig latin? (BTW, pig latin for "sugar" is ugarsay, there's only 1 r.)
E) You didn't mean to say? Then why'd you type it?
F) Not familiar with the package, as I'll continue to smoke the real stuff. I like my nicotine.

Have a wonderful day sir!
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