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Default Re: New Nakhla Mizo Watermelon/Guava Group Buy

Let's get it over with. People should send their money via PayPal to fatony. PM him for PayPal info. Please make sure you send the correct amount

More importantly:

No mention of hookah, shisha, Nakhla, Mizo, Tobacco, HookahPro, HookahPro nicknames in the PayPal transaction, to avoid PayPal confiscating the money.

I claim responsibility to the money the moment the Western Union transfer is available to pick up

I am NOT a vendor, I am a fellow HP member .... I have a job and a family, and if I am late few days or even few weeks in sending your stuff, it is for a good reason. My cut in the order is minimal and barely covers my time, effort, gasoline ...etc. ..... I am trustworthy and you can see my trade reviews, never had I gotten a bad review. Trust that you WILL get your stuff, maybe late, but as fresh and as well packed as can be .... If you can't take the delay, don't join the group buy.

Let's roll guys
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