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Default Re: Tips for a new smoker

Originally Posted by kingmaddog
If you have any tips or tricks for smoking a hookah, let me know. I'm getting my first hookah, and any kind of help would be nice.
1) Get a decent narghile rather then the ones you posted photos of. A KM, MZ or Syrian rig from Social Smoke, J & R or will give you years of great service. Avoid Chinese junk and Myas.
2) Get a decent washable hose like: nammors, Al Fakher's healthy hose ( get a bunch as they are cheap), the H-S washable or the J & R washable.
3) Get a hot plate and use natural coals. Don't use the coals until all the surfaces are glowing.
4) Make sure your rig is super clean everytime you use it.
5) Get the water level above the end of the downstem as close to 30mm as possible.
6) Fill the base with a mix of ice and water
7) Use a funnel bowl with the scalli mod and learn to pack it properly
8) Ash your coals and rotate them about every 5-10 minutes
9) draw slowly on the hose and forget about making big clouds
10) leave around 30 seconds between draw
11) read the thing i've got on about sensible smoking.
12) Try as many kinds of shisha as possible to see what suits you
13) Watch Samb's videos on on bowl packing and seting up your foil and forget about using screens.
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