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Default Re: Ed Hardy goes shisha (hookah)?!

ok seriously who the fuck is ed hardy ?

Originally Posted by SmokeRingSteve View Post
i agree with ya PC.

i do think Ed Hardy stuff is overrated. Some of his artwork looks like a kid did it... but then again, so does a lot of modern "art."
its not even modern art its conceptual art which a lot of us that just like to do well made pieces of art refer to as wankerism and douchebaggery. from the quick glance i saw of that stuff on the site it doesnt look to horrid though, not my taste by far by its very graffiti like

Originally Posted by Shienhausser View Post
oh man, dont even get me started on some of the crap ive seen at galleries (mostly private of course) in Dallas ROFL.
i know exactly what your talking about dude, try being in art school when you dont like that kind of stuff...

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