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Default Re: Do you know why they call it a "rotating hookah"?

Originally Posted by kalutika View Post
I have a generic Egyptian rotating hookah. Not too bad. First hookah. Over priced. Sub par construction. Rotation came in handy with so many people smoking from it.
yep it was my first rig as well, and i agree with all your thoughts

Originally Posted by danks View Post
we used to have 2 that we bought in israel. and those things lasted many many years. both were perfectly sealed, not one leak. strong metal didnt corrode ever. and they were ridiculously cheap(i think like 45 a piece).

they looked pretty similiar to the hones H-S has on their site, but maybe those ones are made crappy?? cause nothing about mine ever said they were bad quality. and the rotation was perfect cause we would have a good amount of people smoke usually and we'd be spread out in a circle.
ya there are some over there that are good quality (iirc there are even KM rotators over in egypt) but remember KMs sell for 20-30ish (some times pushes 40s IIRC) compared to the prices here so, that was still an expensive rig over there probably.

over all it is a sound design its just the execution of the design and the details that make it great or horrid, in fact i may try to make a rotating rig at some point when i try to make a hookah or 2, and i dont mean home brew hookahs i mean blowing my own bases, fabricating very nice stems, etc, hopefully make a bowl or 2 or get some one else to do it and make some really nice washable hoses... but i digress

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