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Default Re: I need some information

It can help but like other people have been saying, its no replacement for the desire to quit. According to Freud(although I believe a lot of what he has said to be false) part of the addiction might be a maladaptive quality of Oral fixation. I can speak for myself only but I know this is one part of the reason why I smoked cigarettes is because it helped with that. That being said, same concept applies to hookah. Still fulfills that need, as well as the second component of what was my addiction to cigarettes: nicotine. That being said, it wasn't a substantive for nicotine because I found that since I had smoked cigarettes I had a high tolerance to nicotine. What it did help with is weening me off the cigarettes. I cut back to a pack a week w/o hookah and then I started smoking a hookah a day and my packs stretched a little longer (1.5 weeks and the last pack I bought lasted me 2 weeks) and at that point where I had lessened my dependency on cigarettes I was smoking 1-2 bowls per day. I then dropped the cigarettes all together and stuck with hookah. Now if that's where you want to stop you can, but also I had to cut back on hookah because at home I am only allowed to smoke hookah as a social activity with friends rather than a daily habit. So i cut down on hookah till the point where I've only smoked 1 hookah the past 1.5 weeks I've been at home.
Its still smoking, but I find it much more enjoyable than my cigarette smoking.
Hope that helps!
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