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Default Re: I need some information

while hookah is much better for you than cigs i wouldnt be trying to get your father to stop cigs by picking it up. if it is extremely imperative for him to stop she should try to look at the patch/gum/ or that newer medication they have out now.

hookah is not a safe alternative but i do think it is safer (but then again every from of tobacco is safer than the american mass produced cigs)

while each person is different and different body chemistry determines if some one has an addictive personality i think if you want to quit you will quit and if you really dont want to then you will fail, when it comes down to it people who "cannot" quit just dont have the will power, be it due to stress, time, laziness, having it as a crutch, or whatever else

im all for more people smoking hookah but unless your dad just cannot quit cigs but hookah will satisfy his cravings (which BTW a lot of the cravings are not for just nicotine but for the other chemicals they put in cigs) the ok what ever but if he NEEDS to quit then he should QUIT not SUBSTITUTE

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