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Default Re: Ed Hardy goes shisha (hookah)?!

Originally Posted by xin666 View Post
You may say that you like the designs and such, but you can't really judge that based on the site because it's a bunch of photos made in the shape of vases (in the dumbest terms). The fact that it's made it this far is pretty bad. I can respect his tattoos, but when it's everything from clothes, cups, perfumes, and now slapping it on hookahs.

When comparing the ability of countries adapting other cultures traditions, America comes in last place. The Japanese can take almost anything and blend it into their culture, making it Japanese (EX: Tempura is not japanese originally, it was inspired by Portuguese traders in japan). Americans just ride a dead horse and slap somebody's name on a product to sell it for more money. I feel bad for hookah. We should lead a revolt.
honestly ed hardy probably doesnt even know they are smacking his name on hookahs stuff, he probably has some one that runs his marketing stuff that OK'ed it and he probably wont know about until he starts to get money coming in from it

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