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Default I love reading shisha reviews

I don't always read them but since there has been alot of hype with the new Tangier's Lucid flavors and since I have been trying them I thought I'd see what you guys thought. It's so interesting since I know what I like an when I hear a different opinion I think wow that's odd, this person has no idea what they are talking about, like brand x's flavor y was a 10/10 and lasted 3 hours. I'll be shaking my head thinking, no way, how did that happen? I don't agree at all.
Then I'll see a review of the same product and the review is more of something I would have agreed with.

Then someone will review something I think is great, and shoot it down, again, me shaking my head.
I think we have different pallets, as well as different setups. In the end, it's great to get someone else's experience with it.
Thanks for the guys who make those reviews, I know it's time consuming but it really gives us a good perspective on what's out there,
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