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Default Re: something no one knows

Originally Posted by FarBeyondDriven View Post
Most of these are already known but I'll throw in some tips from my own personal knowledge:

1. The placement of your tongue near the hose opening is important. If you really want to bring out the sweetness in a particular flavour, try to put the tip of your tongue near the hose opening so that the smoke will hit your sweet taste buds.

2. Ice in the base will affect the overall flavour, but will make the smoke cooler and more smooth.

3. Lots of people prefer Nammor/Razan hoses for an easier draw but if you experiment with traditional, unwashable hoses you will find that the flavour is enhanced.

4. Packing Nakhla like Tangiers will give a great boost on overall flavour if you feel that Nakhla's flavour is too light. Smoke density will also be boosted.

5. Huge smoke density does not mean you are the champion of hookah. If all you are interested in is big clouds, you are killing your hookah experience. Flavour first, then comes the clouds my friends .


Nour Syrian > Everything Else. Thank you! Haha
BRO you got it all wrong the equation will be more believable if the equation was setup like this

NOUR SYRIAN ≫ Everything Else
(x > y means x is greater than y)
y means x is much greater than y)

With those happy thoughts, in my head, I'm feeling like I'm peter pan... Minus the tights and the fairies....
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