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Default Re: something no one knows

Originally Posted by ebaygirl View Post
Okay what I know about Hookah; Before people in other countries shared hookah hoses in a cafe, I'm talking, about forty years ago, and it contributed to the spread of TB. Sorry it's gross but it's true. I lived in Europe and we were all warned about countries were Hookah was commonly smoked in cafe's "Try it at your own risk or bring your own hose".
Sounds like a scare tactic to me. Pics or it didn't happen. Hahah, just joshin' ya.

Originally Posted by Trivial View Post
I was not told it is not the size of the smoke but the motion of the cloud
You get more ladies with small hookahs They think its cute, hah. Big just means you're compensating. If you've got a good range of sizes, then you're just the best in bed.
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