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Default Re: KM, MZ, etc from Generic

Theres really only one engraving and its on the tray. Any retailer can put a KM tray on an MZ, but trust me, when you look at them, you know which one is a KM and which one isn't. There are many pictures online to look at and KM's have distinct welds and aesthetics, but for some, they are hard to see. The only ones that are trick are Syrians. I still can't pick our nours from other Syrian hookah's and thats probably because I do not own one. If you have any questions about if a specific hookah is a KM or not, just post it up. And Chinese hookah's are easy to pick out. They do not have weld marks and are machine made, and they usually aren't very solid. Sure a Chinese company can rip off a KM hookah, but It will be noticeable. Chinese hookah's are not hand crafted and aren't traditional like the ones that are produced in the Middle East. I'm sure someday Chinese hookah's will be just as good as traditional Egyptian pipes are, but well see, and I will most likely cry or be dead when it happens.

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