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Default Re: Nakhla i really like this stuff but...

Romman is washed. Asked the reps a while ago. Also the buzz is minuscule compared to Nakhla, Tangiers or anything else with unwashed tobacco.

Don't be afraid to mix. Once you get the heat management down it's second nature. Don't let people scare you off mixing brands. I do it all the time. I mix AF and fusion with Tangiers, which is considered the most fickle of all shisha tobacco, and I have no issues. The differences in heat needed from brand to brand is negligable for the most part.

So yes, I do suggest mixing with a washed brand. HH and HF are two of my favorites. But really I suggest just starting with a washed brand and moving up from there. If nakhla is still too much after smoking less nicotine laden brands then mix it 75/25 other brand to nakhla and move the ratio slowly toward 100% nakhla.
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