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Default Just bought a AF Solid - having some problems.

Hi folks.

A gorgeous Al Fakher Solid Small just arrived at my door and my brother and I promptly got it up and running. But we've run into an issue, or possibly two.

No leaks in the hose, grommets fine for the base/pipe, bowl/pipe, and we're using a ghetto wet paper-towel for the hose grommet, but that seems to be doing just fine and not leaking any air. When inhaling, we're getting plenty of air, but there's a good deal of air being sucked through the purge valve. This is our first hookah, but I have a good suspicion that this is not normal. I can't for the life of me get the valve cap off to check for a loose or stuck ball bearing or anything, so if anybody could give me tips for this, please do.

Problem 2 is that we're having problems with the coals. We filled the bowl about half-way 'cause we didn't want to smoke all that much and my brother insisted on only using one coal. I figured two might be better - they're the coconut ******* coals and seem a bit small. I poked about 50+ small holes with a thumb-tack into double-layered tinfoil and we lit the coal on my grill outside :P The shisha was definitely warming up and becoming very fragrant, but we're getting ZERO smoke. I'm assuming we're not getting enough heat due to only one coal or the coal not being close enough to the shisha.

Any ideas folks? Thanks!
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