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Default Re: New KM Hookah And Nakhla Double Apple... :'( !!!!!

Originally Posted by bremen View Post
I got my new 36" km hookah from john today and smoked it when i got home. I used Nakhla Double Apple but i didnt really get much flavour and after about 20 mins i felt really really sick and had to stop smoking and pack it up :S

I have watched videos of "How to smoke hookah" so i kinda know what im doing, the shisha was burned a little bit, would it have been that?

But other than that i dont know what was wrong, i got a HUGE!!!!! buzz from it but then just felt ill

Any advice?

Have you smoked Nak before?

Could of been Nicasickness . I have gotten Nicasick in 20 minutes before (fline tangiers) and I just felt like shit for 4 hours

If it was a headache it was most likely your Quicklights
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