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Default Re: Just bought a AF Solid - having some problems.

Originally Posted by kalutika View Post
Regarding the purge valve, I suggest taking a C wrench to it as suggested earlier and checking if the ball bearing is actually in there. Is is a light hiss of air getting through or is it just open? The ball bearing may be stuck in the purge cap as often happens with my KM. Tap it, opening down, on the table and it should come out. If it is entirely missing it's good to replace a ball bearing with a non-biodegradable airsoft BB. The "green" BBs are made to break down with moisture and eventually melt away when used in the woods so that is not a good option.
It's more of a hiss than being completely open. I'm getting air through the top and the valve, and we've only had luck getting decent smoke when keeping the valve shut with some electrical tape. Thanks for the advice on the BBs!

I'm gonna grab a wrench and see if I can get this thing off. Maybe the bearing is just stuck in there somewhere. I have to say, I'm a bit ticked off that such an important thing can be so overlooked before being packaged, shipped and sold! A hose grommet was also missing so we've had to use wet paper towels in the meantime.
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