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Default Re: New KM Hookah And Nakhla Double Apple... :'( !!!!!

Originally Posted by bremen View Post
Haha lol i did all of these wrong XD
I was taking big ish puffs to try to 'get it going'
I hadnt eaten for most of he day
And i didnt drink anything.
well i will try again next week with all of this advice and see how it goes
LOL yep there you go. All the above is the culprit. Nakhla is an excellent tobacco. It does have higher nicotine than you probably expected. Just like Felifeliwoo said, take your time between pulls. Take slow gentle hits. space them out like 1 to 2 min. Drink plenty of water while you smoke it helps to filter out the nicotine in your blood. And most important EAT before you smoke. Never smoke on an empty stomach if you are very new to hookah. Even a veteran smoker will get sick on an empty stomach sometimes.
Once you follow everyones helpful tips you will have enjoyable sessions. It takes time to learn.
Goodluck and welcome to HookahPro!
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