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Yesterday i made up a 20 kilo batch of saloom or Tobacco and honey. I decided along with my assistant Chad (from my circle)....anyone? Ok so we had 41 new flavor to get through and test for future Smley Sexy flavors. We decided to make 500g test batches. flavors like Gooseberry,Boisenberry,Peach Melba,Bubble Gum,Grenadine,Smores,Tiramisu,Zaggabone and a whole lot more. But those are the ones we started with. We had been letting them cure for a week. I tried a Peach Melba. I don't really know what Melba is. So one of you could shed some light on this subject. Man it was really good. The Peach Melba flavor came out of the a champ. The flavor did loose a little after about a Hour of Smokeing. But the Peach still was there from begining to end. I think we may have found a new Sexy Flavor. We are testing Gooseberry today. I will let you know how it was.
What flavor would you like me to make a test batch of Shisha for a future Smiley Sexy Flavor. Let me know I may try it. If I do try your flavor out. i will make sure to send a Sample of it to you. To see what you think. You never know it may be amazeing.
So think about and lets see what we can come up with.
Hope all is well

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