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Default Re: logical to buy more than 1 vase??

Originally Posted by KillerB View Post
i dont know about logical, but it is just another thing to feed our ever present hookah addiction. If you have the extra cash, go ahead. just make sure that the smaller KMs dont use smaller bases. Suck to order like 3 small bases then try and buy larger stems and have to get a new base anyways.
good point, i am going to make sure to call when i do all of it. i emailed them to ask about the sizes since the pics look a bit off. i will find out if i can even get those bases on the one i want. i think all their KMs might use the large size though since they only sell the large vases except in the "classic" version on thehookah

posted all that b4 i saw bradedup's post,
well i guess that means im getting the tri metal, thought it might be too good to be true.

i think i will probably try to get 3 vases (red,green, and blue shimmer vases with with the silver on them). guess im dropping 180 for the rig plus a few bowls then an order from john for some more hoses , coals, tobacco, etc. guess i need to get to working


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