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Default Longest Starbuzz Bowl?

What has been your longest lasting, puffy, flavor-filled clouds Starbuzz Session?

Starbuzz seems to be very Temperamental, like a girl with a period, only a tad bit worse. 2 nights ago i literally could not get it to smoke without burning it. Those were the flavors Lemon Tea and Irish cream (a new tin, my old one was terrible). They would just not go without getting burned, for some odd reason, no matter what i did.

Last night, i packed a bowl of Lemon Tea. i was using 3/4 of an Exotica stick, in 1/4 pieces, on one side of the bowl. This side lasted through 2 sets of coals, keeping full flavor and smoke. I went to the other side with 3 coals, same thing. Then i added two coals on each side of the bowl afterwards and it kept smoking, wiht a lack of flavor of course.

So that was an almost 4 hour SB bowl. It was amazing.

How long can you milk a bowl of SB?
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