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Default Re: logical to buy more than 1 vase??

Originally Posted by Kwikwi View Post
I wish I could just buy another but no, I am taking a vase to a local glass blower and having a custom one made. I have spending issues, as in I like to spend. Actually I just like well crafted glass.
ya i am planing to blow my own base at some point but the shape is not exactly the easiest thing to freehand, at least if you want to copy the shape exactly. what i am thinking about doing is using a mold technique that you only get one offs from but you can get litteraly finger print quality detail so i might make a few wax copies off of a standard vase and then build on it to get some weird shapes.

by the time i am a senior i hope to be able to blow some nice vases free hand and with the techniques of color patterns i know i will be able to produce stuff that no one here can find in a hookah vase... and even a clear hand blown vase in the states is gona cost well over 20 bucks from any glass blower that even wants to cover their costs of operation. i would happily pay 200-400 bucks for a well blown vase with some of the more complicated color patterns... assuming i had the money

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