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Default You got hose'd

Just picked up a KM hose from a local shop. The width of the hose is a lot wider than any other hose I have seen before, although it is shorter, and probably because the pull would be terrible if it was made longer.

Anyways, if you thought a pull on a KM with a standard KM or Nammor hose was effortless, think again. You definitely need to try this hose. I can't explain how easy the pull is and how much flavor and smoke can be attained with this hose. Also the piece that connects the hose to the stem is very wide. I can't get this hose to fit into my stem with a grommet, its just to wide and fits perfectly and snug without a grommet.

Now on with the pictures...

Black hose, clear mouth piece - New KM hose, wide gauge
Blue hose, blue mouth piece - Standard KM hose
Red Hose, red mouth piece - Large Nammor Hose

Right off the bat you can see how wide this hose really is. I thought my standard KM hose was wide compared to my mya's, now take a look at that. Its about double the width.

As you can see, the mouth pieces are all similar, but I'm loving the clear mouth piece. It does seem a tad bit wider as well.

Pictures of the end pieces, can't really tell in this picture but the new KM mouth pieces are wider. Also, like i said, it doesn't fit properly in my stem with a grommet, I was thinking it could be because it doesn't taper off as much as the nammor and standard km hose does.

As you can see here, the new KM hose is a lot shorter.

In conclusion, the KM hose I just purchased is truly a beast. I have never achieved as much smoke, flavor, and such an effortless pull with another hose. The owner of the shop was like "wait until you smoke with it, its gonna hit you hard when you take a pull", I just shook it off and laughed, it hit me hard haha.

I have a quick question, does anyone know what kind of KM hose this is? I have never seen it before and it looks like a KM supreme hose, but the supreme hoses are wrapped in leather and have intricate designs. Thanks for reading.
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