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Default Re: OFFICIAL: What did you buy/purchase? Thread

Originally Posted by zumicroom View Post
from hookah company:

a box of ******* hookah natural coals
grand hose (purple)
one of those 16 piece boxes of coconaras
wide syrian bowl
50g al waha after nine
50g al waha orange cream
50g layalina kiwi
50g layalina golden key lime
50g fusion sweet cranberry
50g fusion sweet pomegranate
50g fusion watermelon
50g fusion coconut
50g fusion vanilla raspberry
50g fusion cactus pear
50g fusion papaya raspberry
50g fusion strawberry
50g fusion wild berry
250g nakhka double apple
250g nakhla fakhfakhina fruits
and most exciting of all
a hose grommet
Now thats wut i call a sample.. great order
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