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Default Re: logical to buy more than 1 vase??

Originally Posted by mattathayde View Post
ya after some of the earlier posts and quick research yall are right (gota love the community's knowledge) i will probably get the trimetal (given this is 2.5 months away but i like to pre plan). if i dont like the look of the brass i have access to stuff that i can plate the brass with copper to bring it to a more dual metal look, just not to sure how well i can polish it up. i probably wont do it but if i get really bored down the road and really hate the look its an option

Glad your planning ahead

just like to also give u the option of the Kafae

solid brass with a nickel finish.. Would be solid and durable piece you wouldnt have to polish..

IMO not as beautiful as a Tri though

but maybe the same thing will happen to you that happen to me... I used to not like the Tris... but they grew on me
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