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Default Re: tangiers still makes mini phunnel bowls?!

Originally Posted by kingboyb View Post
Now I know you're joking, but lately it seems that anytime somebody says something good about something that is not Nakhla, they receive responses such as "blasphemy" and "infidel". I'm waiting for this site to be renamed

What the hell is the big deal about mini phunnels anyways? Its not like you can't smoke at all with out them. Buy a tangiers small (or any small funnel)
and its practically the same thing.
i totally agree with the nakhla thing. yeah, nakhla is good but i still like al-fakher and al-waha. nakhla gets boring after awhile. (this is where the nakhla worshippers tell me that i'm a sinner and that i should be summoned to hell)

i like the idea of a mini phunnel because you can use a really small amount of tobacco, and have the phunnel bowl advantage.
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