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Default stop wasting time polishing your brass/copper rigs

ok so it came up in the other thread i have and thought i would post this as a separate thread to make sure people saw it.

i know people complain about having to polish their hookahs that have brass or copper on them but there is an easy and cheap way to keep them shiny or to the desired patina.

get your rig to the polish or patina you want

buy some Johnson's floor way (the tub we have at school is a yellow can with a red stripe)

take the wax and rub in on the copper and brass, let sit for 5 mins and buff off with a clean rag.

this is a very good method for anything that is not touched all the time (like rings) and will hold up well as long as you dont scrub the metal (it might hold up some even to light scrubbing but dont quite me on that). its not permanent but it is sure a whole lot better than having to polish the metal weekly, it should last a few months at least (i guesstimate).

only warning i have is that i wouldnt do it up to the bowl grommet area or any part that gets excessively warm because it could off gas and cause issues but below the coal tray should be perfectly fine

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