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Default Re: tangiers still makes mini phunnel bowls?!

Originally Posted by mattathayde View Post

idk if you smoke tangiers much or if at all but using erics "official" method takes a hell of a lot of tobacco even in a small. i know i can get a good 4 rounds of coals out of a small and still have a lot of juice left in it (and frankly i dont want to smoke a flavor that much in a row). the idea with the mini is that is a more realistic size and allows you to use the tobacco better instead of tossing so much in the trash. ya the smalls work fine but if i could use half the tobacco i use and get the same smoke and flavor i would be happier, look at how much you use in an egyptian bowl and have it smoke wonderfully, you cant tell me that you couldnt use that much tangiers and have a great session, its just that the bowls dont accommodate that scenario well

There is no law that says you can not reuse your tangiers. Eric is the largest proponent of this, so that pretty much squashes the "no more minis so he can sell more tobacco" theory. Tangiers can be a challenge to smoke because its different from the rest of the "lock and load" tobaccos out there. If thats why people hate it, so be it.

Give it time, I bet Caravan or someone else is working on a knock off right now and in three months time everyone will have one and will have moved onto some other fad.

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