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Default Re: tangiers still makes mini phunnel bowls?!

Originally Posted by mattathayde View Post
i know of a good amount of people that smoke tangiers out of their Egyptians, how ever it is pretty hard to figure out how to make it smoke right for most of us.

ya you can save the tobacco but i sue as hell wont toss it back in my container of good shisha and dont need to have another 6 containers of half used tangiers laying around

as to the knock offs they will probably work ok but one of the things with the tangiers bowls is that they are made from a certain ceramic that the knock offs have failed to match

I hear you about having to maintain a separate stash of used tangiers. I'm not down for that either.

At the very least, people can take a small tangiers and mod it. There's plenty of info out there for people to do it and it works well..
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