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Default Re: SSC new products? coming soon...?

Originally Posted by JimNibbles View Post
Now I'm confused yet again. I read a lot on the forum about people hating HH up until recently, where many people are posting, singing HH's praises. Have they upped the quality as of late or something?On a related note, Chai sounds amazing.
HH and HF are great brands they are just a bit heat sensitive. Sadl6y the general ise among new smokers is that more heat = better clouds and more flavors. Not true with HH/HF. Moderate heat is best working up from there. Personally I believe that more people have just hit the learning curve and realized how to smoke them properly. I have been a fan for a while. The first HF blend I had was peach cobbler and it did not treat me well. After learning more about hookah and getting my hands on more blends HH/HF have become two of my favorites. My only complaint being that the flavors are often light compared to other blends. they do spice flavors better than most I have ever tried though.
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