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Default Re: question to those with dualmetal/trimetals

Originally Posted by kalutika View Post
it's fairly modular. Each of the pieces seems to be made from a sheet that is usually formed intot eh needed shape and fitted from there. It involves a lathe and the proper tools. I forget the name of the actual process but it's basically stretching the metal and forming it into a bowl like shape. I am led to believe this because my double trimetal has no such seams other than on the hose port. I believe the stem is made in this way with an extruded pipe down the center and the heart is a solid cast piece of metal that is then adeed to with the ports and proper plates.
o ya i forgot about that post a while back, its called turning, that kinda pisses me off since thats one of the few things we cannot do at my school. o well i will have to use other methods. the class im taking we hammer vessels out of flat sheet, same idea basically but the turning is much faster and more in the round... hmmm maybe i can figure out how to use our lathe at school to do turning, i will have to ask my prof

Originally Posted by JimNibbles View Post
On one of the parts where the brass meets the copper on my trimetal, there is a little bit of brass that appears to have dripped down when it melted during the assembly process. It's kind of cool to look at, actually.
i would love to see a pic of that, is it on the out side? brass doesnt really drip (also if you get a part of a brass piece that hot it you dont get a run as much as a large melted area that just balls up kinda, no metal really runs when melted, more so balls up)
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