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Default Re: Ed Hardy goes shisha (hookah)?!

I never heard of Ed Hardy but if the stuff shown in this thread is any indication his graphic design abilities suck. I suppose if I wanted some sort of mod type graphics I'd be looking to Ed Ross, Hipgnosis, Malleus, the people that did album covers for International Artist Records back in the '60s or who ever did the first 3 Ash Ra Temple covers.

Basically I really hate the idea however of this sort of design on a narghile in part because the graphics are horrid but also because it seems to cater to the badass biker/stoner poser crowd which is something that I don't think should be associated with our hobby. Lastly, the thing I find most appealing about narghiles is the craftsmanship/artistry that goes into making them and designer lables and trendyness is simply something that totally negates that.
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