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Default Re: How harmful is smoking hookah?

Originally Posted by mattathayde View Post
i do think that if they are going to tax tobacco then they need to EVENLY tax tobacco, alcohol, and all other luxury items (soda, candy, junk food, nice clothing, nice cars, big houses, etc), hell even evenly tax tobacco. how the hell does it make sense to tax RYO 23 bucks a pound and hookah tobacco 4 bucks a kilo and packs of cigs like 60 cents, either X per package or X per weight, same with all the other luxury items too

That's like trying to get them to evenly tax cigarettes and alchohol across STATEs. In VA it's about $4 a pack, and in MD it's about $7 a pack. VA has the ABC stores for liquor where everythings the same no matter where in VA you are, but MD has individual "wine and spirit", "liquor", etc stores with widely varying prices.

It's never gonna happen. Alcohol is WAY more dangerous, but not as heavily controlled or taxed, but smoking is seen as a bigger "health risk". Lung cancer = Liver cancer = Dead. It's all the same.
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