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Default Re: Fantasia and Al Fakher

The vast majority of moassel you can buy in the Western world has very little nicotine and both Fantasia and AF have so little that it basically doesn't matter. If you get sick when smoking chances are you hoovering away on something like tombac or DM and if that is the case stop doing so. Otherwise, my guess is what is making you sick is the CO from the coals.

How do you stop getting sick?
1) Use only high quality natural coals, no QLs
2) make sure your coals are fully lighted before smoking
3) smoke on a full stomach
4) drink alot of liquids (no booze) when you smoke
5) don't inhale
6) wait at least 30 seconds between drags

Basically no one gets sick from nicotine no matter how strong it is if you smoke sensibly. Frankly I find highly washed stuff like Fantasia fake tasting and boring so I pretty much only smoke stuff that tastes different from what I normally can eat or drink.

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