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got 2 boxes of cocobricos from dmc and i just tried them for the first time.
i really really hate quick light discs, but they're all i've ever been able to use at home unless we're having a bbq. these cocobrico cubes are completely different. no headache, none of that typical shisha taste that seems to be the common flavour between tobacco molasses brands, and it lasts longer than a bowl. even makes the bowl last longer.
i put 2 on my mum's AF bahraini apple and at first it was like clean air, but there was smoke! a little more than when i have 2 excelsior swift-lites (disgusting but they have a monopoly).
honestly, i haven't taken good care of that pipe but i cleaned it once, and not very well, last week with a quick brush and rinse with plain water. i always thought the metal or rusted metal contributed to the taste, but now i know it doesn't. this stuff had little to no flavour for about half an hour to an hour and then i started to get some of that aniseed flavour, typical apple but still feint. i'm gonna try some more flavours and review it later but i'll say this: smoking with coconut charcoal is a very different experience to smoking with any other kind of charcoal.
when they got smaller, about the size of a marble, they didnt produce enough heat to smoke with so i lit a swift-lite and immediately tasted how horrible it was. maybe i'll light 3 cocobricos next time
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