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Default Re: how to get really smooth smoke.

Originally Posted by CarolinaJohn
Originally Posted by HookahMaster
Since I use the 30mm (which are small) I use them whole on my bowl. I've found that the only size that ever needs to be split up is the 40mm, but the 30mm are small enough already. Keep in mind though, I use a small tangier's phunnel, which is larger than any other type of "small" bowls on the market.
I use the Phunnel as well and still cannot get the heat thing down. I pack well. But still get a burnt flavor at times. I use the Golden Coals as well. How many do you set up there for the initial burn?
First I let them turn red hot and form a thin layer of ash. Then I put two on the bowl, directly across each other. I also rotate every 5 minutes or so. Are you leaving a little space between the foil and shisha? If you overpack it, the shisha could be getting burned because of being too close to the foil and touching directly. Also what shisha brand do you use? I use Starbuzz, and overheating really is not an issue. Some shishas are much more sensitive to overheating (ie. Romman, Al Fakher). At the beginning of my sessions I even put a windcover to add heat so it can get things started. Then once I reach the desired thickness of smoke, I take it off, and then put it back on later and so on and so on...
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